Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Weekend Continued

As promised, I will continue on with the weekend.

On Sunday morning, my parents and I met my sisters, my sister's boyfriend, and my cousin down in Bristol, RI (where my sisters live) to have breakfast at a place called Sunset Cafe. We had to get there early as they fill up quickly and we had a large party. 

They serve a wide range of breakfast foods and some with a Portuguese twist. 

I opted for an omelet with Portuguese chourico, cheddar cheese, and spinach. Instead of English muffins, I ordered bolos which are very similar to English muffins except larger and less dense. REALLY GOOD.

Adam made his plate all clean.

We walked around Bristol which is beautiful in the summer time.

We headed back to my parents' house after that for dinner which consisted of my mom's amazing homemade burgers complete with her...homemade bacon!

Yes, she made the above bacon completely from scratch.

Amazing right?? I scarfed down my burger so, sorry, no picture. 

My mother and I took the day off on Monday so we ventured to Portugalia, a Portuguese market in Fall River, MA. It was so cool!

They had all kinds of authentic Portugese foods at awesome prices ($5 wine? $7 olive oil? Yes, please!). 

I am not super familiar with the Portugese cuisinem\ so it was hard to figure out some items but I know a thing or two.

The market is beautifully decorated with meat, fish, wine, cheese, bulk goods, produce, sweats, and a small cafe.

Yup, those are the goods.

My mother and I really wanted to buy bolos after our bolo experience. Unfortunately Portugalia did not have any so we decided to take a chance on bakeries in the Fall River area. The first bakery did not sell them but on our second bakery, we struck gold!

This might have been the smallest bakery I've ever been to. They sold maybe about 10 different things at a teeny counter. But, they had bolos. We split regular and cinnamon ones. Once my mother and I set our minds to something, we go after it!

If you do live in the Fall River area, I definitely recommend Portugalia. I would go back in a heartbeat especially for their wine, olive oil, and chourico. 

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