Monday, August 31, 2015


I can't believe tomorrow is September. Where has the summer gone? Oh yeah, it didn't start until, like, July.

This was a busy, last weekend of August with lots going on.

On Thursday night, my friends Ashley and Shawn held a mini-party to say goodbye to our friend Cait who is off to a new adventure in travel nursing in Denver, Colorado.

Ashley made a BOMB meal for us.

It was stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon along with rice with basil from her own basil plant, tomatoes, and feta. There was also asparagus and...lots of wine. We watched Ashley and Shawn's wedding video as they had the same wedding videographer as we did. Then said goodbye to Cait :(.

I took the day off on Friday and after picking my cousin, Jaime, up from the airport, I headed to Country Fest at Gillette Stadium. Woohoo!

Summer concerts are the best.

On Saturday, my parents had a party with some friends and family since my cousin was in town. Last year, we had a "fiesta" as a way to introduce bridesmaids and groomsmen to each other in the summer prior to my wedding. The fajitas recipe that my parents used from the Pioneer Woman was such a roaring success, we have used it a number of times since! We broke out the ol fajita recipe again for this party with all the fixins'. I made a recipe called Cowboy Crack that was a dip with black beans, corn, avocado, tomato, lime, and a couple of other things as an appetizer. 

My sisters made homemade guacamole.

I could eat this whole bowl. 

Jaime grated some cheese. We ended up with a giant bowl of cheese. Oops. 

It was a gorgeous day as it wasn't humid but sunny. Everyone gobbled up the fajitas then dove into the desserts brought by my friends Mandy and Robbie along cookies brought by my sisters' friend Britt.

Um don't mind the whipped cream mess on the above delicious mini peanut butter cheesecakes. They were SO GOOD but Mandy and Robbie accidentally dropped the container of whipped cream and broke the top off. I managed to get the whipped cream out at least...

They also made sopapillas which are basically Spanish pastries with cream cheese and cinnamon. Yummm.

My mom also made an awesome peach sangria that was a big hit with everyone. 

More to come with events from this weekend in my next post!

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