Monday, October 19, 2015


Sorry I've been a bit of a negligent blogger lately. I have been a busy. Do you want to know why? Do you want to know the exciting announcement?

I am moving to Germany!!!

Yup, for real.

I have an opportunity to transfer my job to the Nuremberg area so my husband and I will be moving at or around December 1st. This just makes the blog SO much better, am I right?

In fact, we went on a "secret" 5-day trip to Germany just under a month ago. I was just DYING to blog everything while we were there. So now I finally get to! We went on a "look and see" trip courtesy of the company and stayed in Nuremberg. We got to experience the culture, look at apartments with a relocation agent, andddd make a quick, little trip to Munich for Oktoberfest. Talk about a whirlwind 5 days! Now you get to hear about it.

We landed on a Wednesday afternoon so we had dinner later at an authentic German restaurant.

Seriously, German beer is amazing. This restaurant was called Zum Flößla in Nuremberg.

My husband had a schnitzel in a creamy sauce with pasta and I had pork skewers with bacon and a sauce that was close to BBQ sauce.

We did lots of exploring of Nuremberg.

Really pretty, right? There was also the Alstadfest that was going on. The Alstadtfest is the "old town fest." There was an area in the city that had cottages that were little mini restaurants for different local breweries. It was fun to walk around and so we picked a random one to go into.

We had a VERY nice waitress who helped translate the menu for us. We got flammkuchen with bacon and onions. Flammkuchen is an extremely flat, crispy pizza. We also tried a cheese spread called Obatzter. Think pub cheese but creamier and better. Served with bread. Oh and beer.

We also had a dessert flammkuchen with apples and cinnamon.

As part of the festival, there were stalls and tents all around town selling a variety of products.

I just HAD to get raclette. You might recall that I had this at the Boston Public Market over the summer. It is melted cheese goodness that is melted onto bread.

Another day we bought a meter long sausage, fries, and currywurst. Currywurst is a large sausage with curried ketchup sauce on top of it. 

We got crepes one day. Because, duh.

Oktoberfest on our second to last day was certainly an experience. We took a train from Nuremberg to Munich and it only took about an hour. German trains are amazingly clean and smooth. Complete with a nusschneke, a nut roll.

Hello Munich!

We didn't have a plan when we arrived and ended up not anywhere near Oktoberfest (oops) but then figured out where we needed to go.

There were rides, giant beer tents themed based on the brewery, food, and people in lederhosen everywhere. We weren't able to actually get into a beer tent but we just walked around to take in the sights and sounds.

We found a random restaurant called Marmaris just outside of the Oktoberfest area. Best decision ever. It was amazing Turkish food. I had beef kababs wrapped in pita with yogurt sauce and rice. 

Oh and 7.50 euro liter beers.

That capped off a great trip. We are very much looking forward to moving to Germany so we can travel and experience the world. Great blog material. 

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  1. Absolutely awesome! The move will be awesome for the blog but we are definitely going to miss you! Congratulations!