Thursday, December 10, 2015

Germany Ramblings

Hello guys!

So this post is going to be a mishmash of things. Just warning you.

My husband and I are coming upon the end of week 2 in Germany. Still in the process of finding an apartment although we saw a great one tonight. Things are starting to come together but many things are outstanding (we have bank accounts but not German phones yet. Lots of wi-fi needed). 

We went to the world famous Nuremberg Christmas Market (Christkindlesmarket) and I took tons of pictures with my totally awesome new camera. Except the wi-fi thing that I need to transfer my pictures to my laptop has been packed away by the movers and is currently over the ocean somewhere. You will have to make-do with the random pictures from my iPhone for now.

In exciting news, we booked a trip to Budapest, Hungary for Christmas! We decided we wanted to go somewhere for Christmas since we couldn't spend it with our families. Upon a lot of research, it seemed like many things would be open during Christmas in the city so that helped make our decision. We are going Dec 24th through the 28th.

Here's the randomness:

We are stereotypical Americans and went to a Mexican restaurant in the current town we are living in, Herzogenaurach. It is called Chilli's. Amazing, right?

The menu was in German but luckily we know Spanish words. And German food words.

The food was pretty good! I had albondigas (meatballs) and chicken enchilada with potatoes and salad. It was HUGE. We also had "nachos" which tasted mysteriously like Doritos with melted cheese. 

They ended the meals by giving us gummies.

Germans love their gummies. Case in point below.

Smurf gummies! They have full aisles of gummies at the grocery stores. 

And I got like 2 pictures from the Christmas Markets as we went to one in Nuremberg and one in Herzogenaurach.

The Herzogenaurach one was really small but cute.

Me and Gluhwein are bff's (Gluhwein hot wine mulled with spices and sometimes other alcohol, served in mugs. You pay a deposit for the mugs and when you turn them back in, you get your money back).

The Gluhwein we had in Nuremberg was SUPER alcoholic as it was made with rum. And delicious.

Oh and I completely forgot to share pictures of these amazing cupcakes my friend Ashley made when we got together the night before Thanksgiving.

They say "we will miss you!" Adorable, right?

Ashley is on the right and my friend Kate is on the left.

I will have more updates for you soon, folks!

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