Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Where Are The Brussel Sprouts?

We could not find Brussel Sprouts in Brussels. Shocking, right? But we DID find frites, chocolate, beer, and waffles. Livin' the dream. More to come about that.

We had a nice easy flight from Nuremberg to Brussels, just about an hour. Um they served waffles on the plane!!

Once we arrived, I thought my cellphone would work as it is a business phone and I had them turn on an international data plan. But it did not. I had no service. My phone did not work and we needed to figure out how to get from the bus stop to our hotel. After a little bit of wandering, we connected to wifi and found we were only about 400m away. Whew.

We checked in and then headed to an outdoor market that is open until 9pm on Fridays. It was closing and on the small size as it was about 8:15pm so we set off to find a restaurant. For some reason, there weren't a lot of restaurants in the area we chose to walk around in so we walked towards our hotel and found more. Thankfully, because we were pretty hungry at this point.

La Fontaine is really a wine bar (ironically) but no wine for us as we were in Belgian beer country. 

I had Belgian meatballs in a tomato sauce. The sauce wasn't a typical Italian sauce but had different spices and was a little sweater. Really good.

Oh and the first of many frites (fries). Then we took the metro to the city center and went to the Delirium Cafe. It is known for its beer list of about 3,000 and a no frills atmosphere.

You may have seen the beer in the U.S. with the pink elephant on its logo.

Credit to

But first we accidentally ended up at a tequila bar thinking it was Delirium. Oops. So I ordered a cherry beer that was waaayyyy too sweet. Once we finished those beers, we found the real Delirium and made some friends from Ireland and Belgium who imitated the Boston accent.

I ordered the Delirium Red. Turns out, it was another cherry beer. Ugh. It was better than the first but by the end, I couldn't drink or eat anything more!

My husband will never let me live that down. I am in the land of beers and go to a bar that has 3,000 kinds of beer and I ordered another stupid cherry beer. In fact, he just asked right now if I was going through withdrawals. And I said from what? And he said you haven't had a cherry beer in 4 days. Grr.

We went back to the hotel as we wanted to get up at 8am.

More to come about our Saturday! It was supposed to be raining all day but we were very lucky and it didn't rain until 4pm. 

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