Saturday, February 13, 2016

Brussels, Here We Come!

We aren't there yet but we booked a trip to Brussels for my birthday next weekend! The flight is only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Nuremberg so we are leaving Friday night and returning Sunday afternoon. Can't wait to eat ALL the waffles, fries, etc. etc. 

Anywho, sorry I haven't updated this too much. It's funny how once you get into a routine, you kind of forget you are in another country. I sometimes have to remind myself that I am living in Germany and that's CRAZY. T

This will just be a random post...again.

Today there were 1 kg containers of strawberries (or erdbeeren in German) for 4.44 euro! For you Americans, that means just over 2 pounds. They were so red and juicy and possibly from Spain and in an adorable little wooden crate that I must find a use for.

Also, the supermarket gave out a rose to all of the Frauen (women) for Valentine's Day (Valetinstag). The young man at the cash register looked thrilled to be doing this.

Valentine's Day is definitely not as big here and only slightly commercialized. My husband and I had to admit to each other that we couldn't find Valetine's Day cards for each other. Funny, right? I plan on cooking a nice meal like last year. Not quite as all out but easier and cheaper than going out to eat. That reminds me, my little blog is almost a year old! That's insane. More to come on that. 

I made Black and White Baked Donuts from Joy the Baker.

Oh yeah, don't mind my Frozen coffee mug in the background #noshame.

They don't look as nice as hers (I think I thinned my glaze too much with milk and didn't have sprinkles. I know, lame.)

But they taste good!

My next post, which I promise will be very soon, will be about my Valentine's Day meal that, strangely enough, involves pork for a 2nd year in a row. Hmm...

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