Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Peas and Thank You

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Where did I leave off? Oh yes, the flour.

I decided to make mini "poptarts" for a bookclub/brunch with my friends from school. I'm not much of a baker or pastry-maker (or candle stick maker?) at all but wanted to try my hand at this.

The goal was a flaky, crunchy crust so it required COLD butter. I also made a homemade jam for the middle with blueberries and raspberries.

I had seen Bobbly Flay make these on Brunch @ Bobby's on the FoodNetwork. They were pretty easy, a bit time-consuming but I was also make other things at the same time so that may have been my problem.

You basically roll out the dough flat and then cut small rectangles (I used a pizza cutter). You put a dollop of jam in the middle, stack a second square on top, and pinched the halves together with a fork. Then you had to stab them to make sure steam could escape. 


You get mini poptarts! I made a glaze with confectioner's sugar and milk then added sprinkles, of course. Bobby just drizzled the glaze over but I wanted to kick these up a notch so they at least looked like poptarts.

I would consider them uneven rustic. 

Additionally, I made some Honey Whole Wheat hamburger buns to freeze for later.

While on the dough wagon, I decided to try to make homemade pasta again with my handy-dandy pasta roller. I wanted to do ravioli I as bought a ravioli wheel a little while ago.

It was fairly successful. I think I needed to make the dough a little bit thinner but lesson learned. I made a pea and ricotta filling (isn't the color cool?!) to go inside.

You take one part of the dough, put the filling on it in blobs then take the other piece of dough and place it over. You can see the bumps where each ravioli will be.

Then I used the wheel to cut each individual ravioli. I had plenty so I was able to freeze a bunch of it. These are also crooked rustic. 

Oh and this is what I look like making ravioli:

I wasn't joking when I said flour gets everywhere. 

Anyways, for dinner, I browned up some prosciutto in butter.

After that, I added peas, mushrooms, and arugula. This makes it healthy. Just kidding.

Then I added in the ravioli and a bit of the pasta water which helps make a sauce. I topped it off with parmesan cheese.

Not a bad first attempt at the rav!

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