Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Sorry for the unintended blog break guys! The summer has been pretty busy or I just get annoyed with the food I cook and don't put it on here.

So here's a recap of some of meals I've cooked/things I've done recently. I made a Harissa Shrimp with Trader Joe's Harvest Grain Blend (the recipe called for couscous). I still have a jar of harissa left so I am trying to use it whenever possible. I also bought a 2 lb. bag of shrimp from Whole Foods for only like $13.00. Amazing. Therefore, I googled "harissa" and "shrimp" and got this recipe. Creative, I know. 

Then I made a Charred Lemon Piccata from Cooking Light with broccolini. And the broccolini had harissa on it. Of course. I just roasted them with olive oil and the harissa and I think some fig vinegar for a spicy and sweet effect.

We went for a walk around Castle Island in South Boston. 

On Friday, I went to the Quincy Farmer's Market and picked up some stuff for the week. I got heirloom tomatoes, different colored green beans (white, purple, and green), and lettuce.  I also bought bread from O'Brien's Bakery in Quincy. So..

I made a BLT with all nearly local ingredients! The only thing that wasn't local was bacon (although my mother recently made homemade bacon and I'm dying to try it) and the mayo. But I added harissa to the mayo so it was basically homemade and local.

We had this as a quick dinner before heading to New Hampshire for the weekend. While at O'Brien's, I couldn't resist and bought a minion and an ice cream cookie. Adorbs really.

See you soon!

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