Sunday, May 17, 2015


To start this post, I just want to give a thank you to all of those who read my blog out there! I appreciate the support and love hearing when you are inspired by a post. 

It seems like as the warmer weather approaches, the weekends are getting busier and busier (even the weekdays). Which, no complaints at all. Especially after a long winter of not being able to do anything. Often times, this means more blog material! 

On Thursday night, I made these Chocolate-Dipped Coffee Kisses for my sister-in-law, Sarah. She was hosting a bridal shower as the maid of honor/only bridesmaid and needed some help with the food. 

They were good! I cooked them at 225 degrees Farenheit for an hour and a half then left them in the oven overnight. This makes sure that the meringues are crunchy by drying them out. I also read that is difficult to make these when it is humid out so luckily it was not. I obviously had to taste-test at least one of them to make sure they were edible.

Yes, that is a cow spatula.

The meringues had a coffee flavor and the next morning I melted dark chocolate and dipped them in. Mocha flavored!

I joked to Sarah and my mother-in-law that they looked more like poops than kisses but hey, at least they tasted good right? Actually, they look like peeps too.

Saturday morning was rise and shine for a 5K in Abington. The best part was that we were sponsored by a local bar and was able to go back to the bar to have beers and a free buffet.

So we ate and drank all of the calories we burned (and them some, I'm sure).

Later that night, we went to the movies with our friends Ashley, Shawn, Kate, and Brian. We met at La Scala in Randolph for dinner. La Scala is a very well-known Italian restaurant in the South Shore area but I had only been once before.  

I got the Chicken Bona Boca which was chicken stuffed with prosciutto and cheese and had a marsala and mushroom sauce.

My husband had the Shrimp Exquisito which was fried shrimp sauteed in butter, brandy, and marsala wine. 

For dessert, we had "off menu" (a.k.a. we just really wanted them and asked if they could be made) Espresso Martinis. Ashley double-fisted a martini and a hot espresso. Crazy. A couple of others had non-liquid desserts, too. Our plan was to go see the Avengers but it wasn't playing until after 10 and it was about 8 at this time. We killed the remaining time at a Bertuccis next to the movie theater by drinking more. Because we didn't drink enough during the day (they all also ran the 5K).

More weekend updates to come!

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