Monday, May 25, 2015

Fajitas and Ritas

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I can't believe the long weekend is almost over but it was certainly a fun-filled one.

Friday night, my husband and I saw Pitch Perfect 2. Yes, he actually willingly attended with me and it was hilarious. 

We went over to my parents' house on Saturday for some Fajitas and Ritas. Tim was working during the day so my mom picked me up and we went to lunch at The Plate. I've talked about this place a million times on here but it's AMAZING. They should probably pay me for the amount of business I draw in for them from this blog. Just kidding. This was the first time trying out the lunch menu actually. I had the Chickpea Falafel burger and my mom had the Prosciutto & Mozzarella sandwich. After that, her and I went back to my parents' house to hang out before dinner. 

My parents' dog, Keiko

We prepped a pitcher of margaritas which turned out to be more of an adventure than we thought. 

Basically, the recipe called for Triple Sec, Cointreau, Tequila, and lime juice and also had the addition of watermelon pieces. We made the recipe which supposedly served 4 and decided that was not enough for 4 people so we tripled the recipe. Maybe that was our mistake? Also, there was an extra alcohol in comparison to traditional margaritas. Nevertheless, they ended up being EXTREMELY strong but hey, I'm not one to shy away from alcohol so I still drank it. 

We had a lovely spread that included delicious marinated flank steak, grilled onions and peppers, corn, salsa, guacamole, rice, sour cream, cheese and tortillas. Absolutely perfect.

Also, food blogging is not glamorous.

You can see the addition of the melon balls in the pitcher and the subtraction of some of the drink.

For a cookout at my friend Jess's apartment on Sunday night, I made this awesome Caramelized Onion Greek Yogurt Dip from How Sweet Eats. It was a more sophisticated and sweet french onion drip. I had some leftover and added it to my mashed red potatoes tonight. Clever, right? That was a great combo. 

There is nothing super exciting on par for the week but maybe I will find something great to talk about on here as to not bore you all. 

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