Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Just Wanna Take Your Thyme

While cleaning my spice rack this morning, I heard Sam Hunt's "Take Your Time" while I was holding the thyme. Isn't that hilarious?? I texted it to my husband who said I had good thyming. Food humor.

Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates. I haven't been around after work much this past week. Tuesday night we visited my friend Mandy whose husband, Robbie, was on business travel and downed two bottles of wine. Typical.

Then, it was Wine Wednesday at the Whole Foods in Dedham. As you know, I have been to a few of their demonstrations/classes/wine tastings (here for example) in the past. Martin the wine buyer for Whole Foods at this location is awesome. He is so knowledgeable but extremely approachable and down to earth. He doesn't go into all specifics about each wine but his main goal is to make sure you walk away with ideas of wines you like. We tried rosé wines tonight! I'm usually not a huge fan so this was a good way to push through that barrier.

The class wasn't about pairing particular wines with particular foods as rosés tend to go with nearly everything. The wines were from different regions like France, Argentina, California, and Italy. He also threw in a White Zinfandel to show off its extreme sweetness. Rosés are often seen as a refreshing summer wine. French rosés are only sold in the spring/summer so that is why people associate rosés with summertime. My friends Liz and Mandy also went and our favorite was this one (it was only $10!!):

We tried a variety of foods to show that anything can really work with rosés.

Marinated shrimp skewers. There was also a piece of comte cheese
that somehow didn't make it in.

Steak with kimchi.

Garbanzo bean cake with hummus and tabbouleh. This was one of our favorite bites.

Buffalo wings with a blue cheese dressing purposely paired with a sweeter wine.

Lemon macaron and a cracker/cookie with goat cheese and honey.

The aftermath

Somewhere along the way this week, I made this White Been and Sausage Ragout with Rosemary Polenta from Cooking Light. It was a hearty meal without being too heavy. I loved the sauciness of the ragout paired with the creamy polenta. 

The surprise ingredient in this was

The recipe called for a turkey or regular Italian sausage but in shopping at Wegman's, I came across this (but really my husband peer-pressured me into buying it) and decided to switch it up. It was good! I didn't get any super distinct flavors from it in comparison to a pork sausage, though. Has anyone out there had boar in some form before?

Today, my family and I went to my sister's wedding venue in Warwick, Rhode Island then had dinner at Blu On The Water in East Greenwich. That is a post for another day :).


  1. I made the blog!! Thank you for keeping me company! All nights were fun! It was great Thyming!

  2. You're famous :). But I'm glad you came!