Sunday, April 26, 2015

Provincetown Adventure

Today, we spent the day on an impromptu (well, kind of. We had the idea of going here earlier in the week) trip down to Provincetown. 

We did our usual Sunday morning run with the run club we belong to followed by our (now usual) trip to The Plate in Milton for breakfast. I got their yogurt and granola, my husband got their BBC Egg Sandwich which had an egg, bacon, arugula, and a BBQ-type sauce. Really good. After that it was off to P-town for the day.

Provincetown, for those that don't know, is on the very tip of Cape Cod. If your picture an arm flexing towards you, it is your fist. It was just under 2 hours to get there and since it is off-season, there was no ridiculous Cape traffic to contend with. The weather turned out to be perfect. In the low 50's but the sun felt hot so it seemed much warmer. Fine with me.

Once we parked, we spent over an hour and a half walking around going in and out of the cute stores and people-watching. Then we got hungry, obviously. We walked by the famed Lobster Pot on our quest for food.

Anthony Bourdain got his culinary career started here and he recently went back on an episode of Parts Unknown. 

A lot of the restaurants/stores weren't open for the season yet but enough were open to enjoy the day. We settled on a place called the Squealing Pig which was more of a pub with a great beer and food selection. For an appetizer, we went with fried calamari.

The coating had some kind of spice and there was a marinara-type, cold sauce served on the side. It was REALLY good. I washed it down with a local beer, Leisure Time Lager by Jack's Abby. The beer was light and citrusy, perfect for this kind of day.

I ordered their Pig Style BLT (it was necessary since I was eating at a place called the Squealing Pig).

My husband had a craving for Portuguese fried dough and sure enough, there was a Portuguese bakery just down the street. Convenient. 

I got a Bolas de Berlim which was a custard-filled donut, essentially.

My husband got his much-anticipated fried dough.

We also bought a loaf of Portuguese Sweet Bread which I made into french toast for dinner tonight. Amazing, let me tell you.

On the way home, we stopped at Truro Vineyards. Wine time.

For $10, we tried 10 kinds of wine which was all of the wines they had available for sampling. Well, it is 5 kinds per person but we opted for team tasting. The most bang for your buck. We have this method perfected.

It also included the tasting of their rum called South Hollow Spirits. Their sugarcane is from Florida but they make the rum on-site. They currently have an amber rum and a spiced rum. 

The grounds were beautiful. They will be really pretty in a few weeks when things actually start growing

After the wine tasting (and some needed coffees) we headed home back to the city. It was nice to do a mini getaway for the day. Back to reality tomorrow.

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