Monday, April 20, 2015

Vinegar, Spice, and Everything Nice

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I have lots of food stories to catch you up on over the next couple of days. I guess I would say it was an eventful weekend of food. Food 4 lyfe.

Saturday was absolutely beautiful. It was in the 70s and sunny. A miracle after this winter. My mother and I decided to trek down to Mashpee (on Cape Cod) and walk around Mashpee Commons, a shopping area. I hadn't been in years so neither of us had any idea what was there. It turned out to be a food dork adventure!

We stumbled upon a spice store called Spice Merchants. As I mentioned previously, we both order our spices online so this store was basically heaven.

Spices, spices everywhere!

We took our time looking at everything and taking in the fragrant aromas of the spices and teas. I ended up with this spice mix and also bought dark chocolate with ghost chilis for my husband (and um, extremely spicy).

I actually used this rub on some steaks on Sunday which I will tell you about in an upcoming post. My mother also got some loot from the store too. We walked around a bit more and ended up at Gustare, an oil and vinegar store. I mean, how could this day get any better? Here, you could sample dozens of oils and vinegars. They also had a lot of recipes that you could take home with you.

The woman working in the store was very helpful and friendly as my mother and I took our sweet (haha get it?) time tasting and then deciding on what to get. The best part is that they sell small bottles which is handy as I already own a lot of large bottles of flavored vinegars.

We ended up getting the same oils and vinegars and the woman working in the store gave us a free small bottle of the blood orange oil. So nice!

After that, we had lunch at Siena which was pretty good.

Later on in the day was a surprise birthday event for my friend Mandy. For dinner we had limited time but ended up at Cook in Newton. This place is awesome, My husband and I had been there a couple of times. Unfortunately since we were in such a rush, I only got a picture of my drink. Wamp, wamp.

The drink was really good. It was a Cinnamon Bourbon Negroni with house-infused cinnamon apple bourbon, Aperol, and sweet vermouth. I had a burger for dinner which was yummy. After that, we headed off to the Paint Bar just next door for a night of wine and painting. And obviously we would paint a picture with a wine bottle.

 I hereby leave you with a picture of our pictures.

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