Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sunday Dinner

So this is how my Sunday started. Boom. Breakfast instead of going for a run. In our defense, we had to clean as we had guests coming over later and I needed to prep some food in advance. 

I made up my own brekkie sandwich with random refrigerator leftovers. I discovered this really great bread from a health store in Quincy from Nashoba Brook Bakery located in Concord, MA. I struggle with bread as quite often, grocery store bread has lots of random ingredients. But I found this and it's really good, very hearty and nutritious. Then I added onion and fig jam, avocado, bacon, spinach, poached egg, and hot sauce. On the side I made sweet potato "home fries."

Later on was dinner for all. Our friends Pat, Dennis, Shawn, and Ashley came over (with yummy goodies!). I made a buffalo chicken dip and Ashley brought cinnamon blondies which tasted like cinnamon rolls. 

I prepared sirloin steaks with the merlot seasoning from the day before

Additionally, I served two sides that I had gotten from a recent Giada at Home episode.

She made pork with the original meal. I did not make pork. Obviously. But the two sides were Grilled Potato Salad (which got rave reviews) and Peas, Bacon, and Prosecco. Ashley gave me moral support as we cooked and drank beer in the kitchen. 

It was the first time I've served a whole meal to more than like 4 people so I was nervous but survived! My tip to you is make anything in advance that you can and keep it simple. I made the potato salad a couple of hours before because it was able to sit in the fridge. Both the peas and steaks were simple and it was just a matter of cooking them. 

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