Monday, February 16, 2015

Onion Tears and How It Came To Be

Hello world,

I was inspired by my friends to start a food blog. I know, there’s like millions out there. And I was whining to them that I didn’t have a good enough POV for one.  Yet, here I am.

I’m a dork and constantly (but try not to “too constantly”) post pictures of the food I cook.  I have always wanted to do a food blog but have a love/hate relationship with writing. Nevertheless, I do share a passion for cooking and food and want to share it with the world and meet others who also do so. I spend all of my free time reading blogs on food, Pinterest-searching food, downloading books on food, buying cookbooks, etc. You get the point.  All of my friends and family know this.

In the recent conversation with my amazing college friends, we were talking about our Valentine’s Day meals. I went all out for my husband and cooked the below menu. So proud of myself! I’ve never done a multi-course meal in this fashion before. The appetizer was my own recipe, the entrée and cocktail are from one of my absolute favorite blogs, How Sweet Eats. The dessert is from from Love and Olive Oil and the side dish was just mashed potatoes, heavy cream, butter, salt, pepper, and a splash of white vinegar (secret ingredient, shhh). 

Anyways, I digress. The aforementioned conversation started with knife skills and ended with how onions make us cry. What I’ve figured out is that because I usually wear contacts, slicing onions don’t typically affect me. But when I do have my glasses on, I cry like a baby. The contacts seem to protect my eyeballs. My friends and I discussed other ways to prevent Onion Tears (hence this blog name and completely my friends’ idea. I give them full credit). Future experiment on preventing onion tears coming up. Feel free to post your suggestions on avoiding crying over spilt onion.

This blog is born.

My overall POV (such a buzzword, I know) is cooking relatively healthy food from scratch but definitely enjoying the occasional indulgent recipe/dinner out. I am not an in-your-face health blogger but those kinds of blogs are some of my favorites to read. I hardly ever cook the same meal twice and try new recipes every week from various sources. I plan my meals each week on Evernote  and Dropbox (more to come on that). I also have an amazing husband willing to wash the dishes after I make an absolute disaster in the kitchen. He is extremely supportive in going on this adventure with me and trying my crazy kitchen experiments. In my mind, a messy cook is a good cook right? Or is the saying “don’t trust a cook with a clean kitchen” Maybe?

Hope you enjoy!

Also, here's the proof I cooked the Valentine's Day menu

The roasted pork, slightly changed to be feta and bourbon barrel ale with the figs (that is what I had on hand)

The bourbon smash, sooo good!

The Valentine's Day setup. The adorable His and Hers glasses are from Kate Spade. Flowers from my wonderful husband. 

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