Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snowday Moscow Mules

Ah yes, I just love the sound of dump trucks and plows removing snow right outside my window. And that also prevent me from actually getting to my apartment because they are blocking both ends of the street. New England weather is amazing really.

A couple of my friends have recently become obsessed with Moscow Mules. Moscow Mules are a wonderful concoction of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. So simple yet refreshing. Then, you can add your own twists after that with things like flavored vodkas or juices. But I like just a regular Moscow Mule.

The Mule was not created in Moscow, sadly. The reason it even has "Moscow" in the name is because of a marketing ploy between a ginger beer company and vodka company. Legend has it that these owners were sitting in the Cock 'n' Bull pub in L.A. and decided to combine the vodka, the ginger beer, and randomly lime juice into a copper mug. Because I would totally think of that too. But thanks to this marketing ploy, the Moscow Mule was thrown to the masses in the 1940's and seems to be making a comeback more recently. And this is how we end up in 2015 with Alyssa and her friends becoming obsessed with this drink.

But the copper mug is amazing, no?

Mine is from Pier1 (I'm not in the picture above but I do have the exact mug thanks to my friend Ashley)

Anyways, since Sunday was a snowday, I made my husband and I multiple (very strong) Moscow Mules. I highly recommend drinking before shoveling out your car. Way more fun that way.

Also, kind of funny but irrelevant story behind the mugs in the picture above. Two of my friends Cait and Ashley (left and center, respectively) were the ones who started this Moscow Mule obsession. So for Christmas, I decided to get them their very own copper mugs and also bought one for myself. My friend Mandy (right) didn't know she liked Moscow Mules until New Years' Eve at Ashley's. I felt bad and gave her my mug (or she took it from me. Depends on who is telling the story). From that day forward, our mugs are called "pity mugs" or "guilt mugs." Real cool, I know. 

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