Monday, March 16, 2015

Bahn You? Bahn Mi!

On Saturday, my husband and I decided to venture to N&H Saigon Subs in Randolph. Pretty much the best decision ever.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is Hidden Boston and they also have a website too. Basically they go to all kinds of restaurants in the Boston area that may be less known. One place they went recently was the Vietnamese N&H Saigon Subs.

It was a very small but cozy, clean and colorful (I heart alliterations) "sub shop." It is definitely not a typical Boston-area sub shop as their specialty is Vietnamese comfort food with soups, spring rolls, bahn mi sandwiches, and bubble tea. The menu is small but the food was so fresh and flavorful. 

Since Vietnam was occupied by the French for many years, there are some Vietnam dishes with a French influence. One is the Bahn Mi sandwich which is on a French baguette. We had a great conversation with the owner who said the Vietnamese have made this bread lighter and more airy than its French counterpart. The outside is flaky but the inside is really soft. The Vietnamese have filled with sandwich with meat (such as pork), pickled carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, jalapenos, and pate. 

We also tried the crispy chicken spring rolls which were awesome

The owner also told us that Vietnam is one of the very few Asian countries that don't widely drink tea. Instead, because of the French influence, they prefer coffee. But since dairy isn't prevalent in Asia for the coffee, they use condensed milk. We each had a bubble tea, the husband had a coffee one (always iced in Vietnam) and I had a Thai Tea.

It was such a cool experience and the owner was so passionate about his restaurant. The prices were insanely cheap (less than $5 for the sub!) We will definitely be back. 

Kind of hilarious but also sad: the owner told us that many wonder into his shop and try to order things like a steak and cheese sub. Once he explains his subs, they still ask for cheese on the bahn mi sandwiches. Sigh.

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