Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Test Kitchen

As I mentioned, I do love experimenting when it comes to cooking. I have made a lot of different things over the years. Some utter fails (re: tries 1 and 2 of the homemade pasta) and some great successes.

These are just a few of the things on my "cooking wish list":

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels - imagine? homemade bagels! No random ingredients with names I can't pronounce. Definitely want to do these soon. 

Pita Bread: It would be amazing warm

Ketchup: Since I don't go through this as much as I used to, it would be feasible 

Kahlua: Every year I have intentions of making this to give out as gifts and every year I never seem to get around to it. Hm. 

Ravioli: Now that I have mastered the pasta roller, I am onto trying to make raviolis which seem simple. I just need a ravioli cutter thing like this:


Here are some things that I have made in the past:

Marshmallows: For reals I have done these multiple times. They are actually really easy. You do need a candy thermometer and a stand mixer to fully succeed but they are amazing in comparison to regular marshmallows. You can even dip them in chocolate and sprinkles. Or make cool flavors. 

Caramels: I have attempted these. They tasted fine but weren't the right texture and were strangely oily. I would like to re-attempt.

Almond Milk: Made this the other day! Sorry, forgot to blog about it. I used the Oh She Glows recipe without any sweetener since I wasn't sure what I'd use it for. It was so creamy and almondy, I would definitely make it again.

Mozzarella: A dear friend of mine, Mandy, gave me a cheese-making kit. I made homemade mozzarella and would totally do it again. The first batch I forgot something (oops) so it didn't work but the second batch came out great.

Pretzel Bites: I made a regular and a cinnamon sugar. The cinnamon sugar ones were a hit. I do wish the bites had browned a bit more like real soft pretzels.

Does anyone out there have something on their list that they have been dying to make but haven't gotten around to it? Or have been too intimidated to do so?

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