Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sawta Tawta - The Weekend in Food

Yes, that is how I measure my weekend. In food.

Saturday night, the husband and I stayed in. After our wine and food binge on Friday night, we figured it was for the best. I did decide to make something "nicer" and opted for shrimp from Whole Foods.

Now, I don't normally shop at Whole Foods. Definitely not on a regular basis. But I have found that if I do it right, it isn't much more than I normally spend and I get the high quality ingredients. I also really pay attention to specials, Whole Foods coupons, and manufacturers' coupons. Did you know you can stack manufacturers' coupons with the Whole Food coupons? It's pretty great.

The shrimp was on sale, already peeled and deveined. Now, many of you know me and know that I'm not a seafood person. But I've slowly gotten better and have been forcing myself to enjoy seafood. Saturday night was a prime example. So how do I get over it? I just douse the shrimp in a bourbon glaze:

It came out really good considering I rarely ever cook or eat shrimp. I cut the original recipe in half. I had 1 serving. My husband had 3. In fairness, I made him eat the rest of it. I served the shrimp with polenta (latest obsession) and an arugula salad with orange and fennel. 

We spent the remainder of the night playing Mario Kart and drinking mutant Moscow Mules.

As you can see in my copper mug, those are not limes. I had started to make Moscow Mules and realized I had no lime. Really sad. I tried a lemon, a orange, and added pomegranate liquor just because. It was an OK substitute but not the same.

Good thing we did this Sunday morning:


Because we had plans to go to Chomp in Warren, RI with my parents Sunday night. Chomp is this amazing bar that serves burgers and sandwiches. It is really small and even though we arrived at 4:40 (when it opened at 4:30) we still had nearly an hour wait. Have no fear, we found a couple of seats at the bar and enjoyed their awesome cocktails and frickles (fried pickles)

My drink was called a Burley Template, basically a Shirley Temple with bourbon. They also have a good selection of craft beers and with dinner I had an Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. I'm proud of my dad, he actually had Downeast Cider. But switched to Bud Light and got Bud Light-shamed big time

Once we sat down, we ordered these ooey, gooey maplely, pecany chicken wings. Sticky but amazing.

I have failed as a food blogger once again as I did not take a picture of my burger. At a burger joint. I know, ugh. I ordered the French Onion burger with French Onion aioli, onion chips, and cheddar cheese. They also make their own homemade ketchup for the fries that tastes like star anise. My dad ordered the "Sorta Torta" but with his Boston accent, it came out like "Sawta Tawta." Haha. Sorry dad, I don't mean to pick on you. 

Last night (Monday night) wasn't anything blog worthy for dinner. But tonight I made stuffed peppers with my own made up recipe. I decided to do a meat-free version with quinoa, jalapeno, grape tomatoes, and pinto beans inside of the red peppers. I also made a homemade enchilada sauce to mix all of the ingredients in. I topped with cheddar cheese and avocado. As you can see, one of my peppers would not stand up.

Oh well, they tasted good! And I have leftovers for lunch for work. 

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