Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Best Way to Implement Eggplant

It's like Christmas!

Yup, I got Plated again. I just couldn't resist. I wasn't feeling inspired for this week's menu so I thought, why not, and ordered it.

First up tonight was Za'tar Beef Koftas with Babaghanoush and Tomato Herb Salad. Lots of crazy words in that, right? Za'tar is a Middle Eastern herb and this spice mix was made with things like sumac, sesame seeds, and other herbs. Koftas are Middle Eastern meatballs and Babaghanoush is an eggplant puree similar to hummus (but with eggplant. Obviously). 

The recipe required me to roast the eggplant then scoop out the flesh to blend with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and tahini paste. The koftas are made with beef, pine nuts, garlic, za'tar, and parsley and cooked in a pan.

On the side was a salad of mint, parsley (I added spinach), and tomatoes with a sherry vinegar and olive oil dressing. 

It was an amazingly, flavorful meal. Definitely recommend it! Also, my husband (who is not an eggplant fan) said it was the best way to implement eggplant. 

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