Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wine Fest

Yet another food festival to blog about! Woohoo!

My mother and I went to the Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Fest put on by the Coastal Wine Trail at the Westport (MA) Fairgrounds. We came across this event somewhere along the way and thought it would be perfect as we like are obsessed with love all three things.

It was a gorgeous day but most of the festival took place inside of a barn. But other parts were outside! Oh and that truck was a cannoli truck. 

We were handed a glass upon walking in and off we went. The wine stations were set up on the inside loop and the food was set up on the outside loop. It was cool to support local small businesses and wineries.

There wasn't a lot of "full-size food," just lots of bites and samples so we had to slow down on the wine a bit. The cool part is that you could buy the wine at the table, they would give you a card, and you could pick it up later rather than carrying it around the whole time. We went back and forth between the wine and food samples. 
Olive oil tasting

We also planned which foodstuffs we wanted and went back at the end to buy everything up. We are very strategic. After being inside for a while, we ventured out to the outdoor portion which was more wine tasting.

We decided to have some lunch which was brought to you by a company that has a portable copper fire oven to make pizzas!

How cool is that? The pizza was delicious, we split a roasted vegetable pizza.

The area outside was beautiful to sit in so we enjoyed it for a bit.

Wine, wine, wine, and more wine.

Oh and I had to get a picture of this cow

It was really fun! I wish there was more food available but the pizza worked well. We tried a lot of good, local wines. I walked away with a Prosecco called Farmer's Fizz by Westport Rivers and also a Sam Adams Jelly. Yes, you heard that right. It basically tastes like liquified beer. And amazing. 

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