Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wrapper's Delight

I am super excited to have good blog material from this weekend! But that also meant the consumption of thousands of calories. Oh well, the sacrifices we make, right?

I don't think I've ever talked about it on the blog but one of my favorite restaurants in Quincy is Fat Cat, located in Quincy center. This place is ALWAYS busy so we avoid it on Friday and Saturday nights and attempt to go during "off hours." It is really small and there can be a 2 hour wait. They have a huge beer list with a large variety of beers ranging from import to local to seasonal. The food is awesome and very reasonably priced. We thought we would give it a shot on Thursday night and we were able to walk in, a miracle!

I started off with a Jack's Abby summer brew called Leisure Time (and local brew to boot, they are based in Framingham!). Tim had a bourbon barrel beer that was really good.

Each meal at Fat Cat starts off with black bean hummus and honey butter with a variety of breads for dipping.

Sorry, it was dark in there. I apologize for the terrible picture. 

Fat Cat serves bar food that is more upscale. Their signature dish is a mac and cheese with options for different mix-ins. I literally get 4 meals from 1 dish, no lie. It is massive. I didn't feel like having mac and cheese so I opted for a Buffalo Chicken Wrap. So good. You can thank my husband for this post's title.


Last night, I went to the Portuguese Festa in Bridgewater! My friend, Ashley, is Portuguese and her family is very active in the local Portuguese community so it was great to her have and her husband show us the ropes.

You buy tickets and then use the tickets to buy food and drinks. Everything was so cheap! It was only $3 for a glass of beer or wine. Ashley and Shawn recommended we get a linguica sandwich so that was our first foodstuff.

I mean, just look at it.

That was polished off with my plastic cup of wine. 

The centerpiece of the festa is a giant firepit in which you can grill your own meat.

The boys skewered the meat...

...while Shawn cooked it for us over the open pit. There was even a contraption to help de-skewer the meat after it is cooked. I wish I had gotten a picture of it.

It was sooo good. Then we just HAD to get malasadas which is Portuguese fried dough.

The weather was perfect and there was a DJ and lots of people in attendance. So much fun! And eating. And drinking.

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