Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Husband Tried to Think Of A Title and Failed

There were some ideas of a subject line for tonight's post from my husband. He has had some shining moments (re: One Hot Eda-mama) and some not so shining moments in terms of subject-naming. Among some of the ideas for this post:

Two Johanimals Walk Into a Bar
Two Drinks and a Moose
Moose and Bourbon (or something like that)
Six Drinks + Moose = Fun

I'm sure all of you are like, what? They will make a bit more sense below. I've decided to adapt none of them.

I can't believe the weekend is nearly over. Friday night was Plated Night Number Three and a movie (Spy. It is hilarious. I recommend it). Saturday night we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants called Catalyst located in the Kendall Square area. The inside has a rustic yet industrial feel and the cuisine is modern American. We were last here in the winter when it was bitter cold and snowy so it was MUCH nicer being in this area with the sun shining and not freezing to death.

The cool thing about the cocktail menu is that you can order a "Bartender's Choice" in which you trust the bartender to come up with something good. They do ask you questions (allergies, likes, dislikes) but both my husband and I told the waiter that we would drink anything at all. I ended up with a cucumber and mint concoction which was so refreshing.

Tim got a sweet drink with apricot brandy among other ingredients. 

For the appetizer, we split the Chicken Liver Mousse with toasted bread, mustard, pickled onions, and herb salad. I hadn't really had liver mousse before but it was really good. Nice and salty. Also, Tim almost spelled Mousse "Moose" when texting his sister.

For dinner, I ordered the Georges Bank Scallops with English Peas, Fingerling Potatoes, Charred Leeks, Pickled Ramps, and Sorrel Butter. So fresh and light, a perfect spring dish.

Tim got Duck Egg Spaghetti Carbonara with Chorizo Sausage, Spring Garlic, Thai Basil, and Parmesan. His dish was certainly heavier and richer but gooood.

We decided to skip out on dessert and walk the 15 minutes or so to Brick & Mortar for liquid desserts. My amazing bridesmaids had taken me here for my bachelorette party and I loved it. I also knew Tim would love it too so we finally got the chance to go together. I wouldn't say it is a speakeasy but it is situated above another bar and has no sign therefore, it is tricky to find. I remember walking back and forth near it at my bachelorette party before we were able to find the entrance. 

They have a small menu for food which looked delicious but since we were stuffed, we decided to only get cocktails this time around. They have some funny names for their drinks and the bar is a nifty u-shape with a copper top

It was very dark and therefore not great for blogging but I did kind of get a picture where you could see the copper bar top. We had two very different drinks each. The first one I had was a nice, sweet bourbon-based drink which was perfect after a large meal. Tim had a cocktail with Yellow Chartreuse which is an old school French liquor. For the second round, I had a drink with madeira and rum and Tim's drink was a Manhattan. After that, we headed back home.

Today, I attended a beautiful baby shower for my good friend Jill who is due in July. After food shopping later on, I made bison burgers with candied bacon, cheddar and maple BBQ sauce. I was inspired by this recipe. I decided to use ground bison for a change of pace (it is leaner than beef and has a different taste). I kept the BBQ sauce the same along with the bacon (duh) and cheddar. I also made sweet potatoes fries on the side. I experimented with coating them in coconut flour for crunch which kind of failed but they tasted fine. 

OH. And I'm currently obsessed with this

I'm not paid by Trader Joes in any way for this (although, that would be cool) but I recently picked this up and it is AMAZING. It is slightly sweet and you do get a taste of the maple but it is extremely refreshing at the same time. I could easily down this 32 oz-er in a heartbeat. 

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